Zwembad De Kimpel Bilzen

kWh savings

Be energy-smart and start saving. This meter displays the amount of energy savings achieved thanks to smart interventions by municipal projects, which have been adapted with the help of ESCOLIMBURG2020 to meet the needs and requirements of these and future times.

CO2 savings in kilograms

Getting rid of CO2: this meter displays the number of kilograms of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere thanks to the efforts and investments of the participating municipalities and their projects, details of which can be found on this site.

Generated energy (kWh)

The buildings of the future will be energy neutral. Investing now will help earn returns for many years longer .


Zwembad De Kimpel Bilzen


Zwembad De Kimpel in Bilzen kreeg nieuwe ketels en ventilatiesysteem plus zonnepanelen voor de productie van hernieuwbare energie.

Swimming pool The Kimpel in Bilzen got new boilers and ventilation system plus solar panels for the production of renewable energy.