The ESCOLIMBURG2020 project translates provincial and municipal climate ambitions into practice: by focusing on making the existing heritage of municipal and provincial buildings more energy-efficient (energy renovation and renewable energy) more quickly. The existing ESCO of the provincial energy grid operator Infrax will serve as a starting point for this. For the municipalities, it is important that they set the right example in the context of their local climate policy: practice what you preach.

ESCOLIMBURG2020 is a collaboration between the Province of Limburg, Infrax and Dubolimburg. Dubolimburg is responsible for providing guidance and developing the competencies of the municipalities, the Province of Limburg and construction professionals in order to enable them to define high-priority investments and take the right decisions during the investment process. A suitable set of instruments will be developed for this. Infrax is responsible, via the existing ESCO offer, for making the investments necessary to achieve the goals. This existing ESCO offer will be fine-tuned and optimised during the course of the project.

The ESCOLIMBURG2020 project is an Intelligent Energy Europe - Mobilising Local Energy Investments (IEE-MLEI) project. The project was launched on April 1, 2013 and ran till March 31, 2017.


Esco takes an integrated approach and approaches the building as a total concept. Our starting point is the Total Cost of Ownership and we always propose the most optimal solution, while taking into account payback periods, available budgets and of course, the requirements and needs of the administration and the people on the work floor. We are ALWAYS looking for the best possible solution. 

Esco offers its extensive know-how and experience and has a sufficiently large capacity to prepare all activities in-house - from the fine-tuning of existing heating systems to a thorough and total renovation of the building. 

Esco offers cities and towns opportunities to prepare their heritage for the future in a financially efficient manner so that they can start making money from TODAY, and helps upgrade the buildings so as to extend their life span in a high-quality manner.

Esco provides a helping hand to the often over-burdened city services and is happy to supplement the existing expertise of officials with up-to-date information from its extensive network.

Esco provides the perfect way to implement the obligations arising out of the signing of the Covenant Of Mayors

Esco offers new financing possibilities and techniques that fit within the new BBC.